Build your first Business Dashboard

Tired of going to a bunch of different websites to grab a quick piece of information? Google Analytics to see how many visits you had, Twitter to check your followers, Facebook to track likes, your CRM to check on new leads, or Quickbooks to see your weekly revenue. It adds up if you have to pull up each page, log in, find the information you're looking for and make a mental note. But you can save a TON of time doing that by building a business dashboard, which uses a tool like Dasheroo to pull information from all your different tools and create a dashboard of all the information you need most. This post from Rebar Business Builders will walk you through EXACTLY how to set up your own dashboard, step-by-step. This way you can stop hunting for your key metrics, and get back to your company. Check out the full post here -
Building a Business Dashboard with Dasheroo
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